Nutritional Benefits


We are passionate health enthusiasts, always on the lookout for the next great health discovery and we believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of cleansing with juice.

Our passion for using food as medicine allows us to create products that can serve a specific purpose in the diet. Whether you need an energy hit, an immune boost or just a delicious juice to brighten your day, we have a product for you. At RIPE Juicery, we carefully and purposely select ingredients that will provide benefits to your health, both physically and mentally. Our fresh produce and superfoods are a source of nourishment and vitality, and we think it's important to know what you're putting into your body. With environmental impurities and today's busy lifestyle, it's difficult to fuel our bodies with the necessary amount of nutrients. It's for this simple fact that we created RIPE.


Cold Pressed Juice gives you three to five times more vitamins, minerals and plant enzymes, compared to any other juicing method. The health benefits you get from juice is maximized because unlike grinding or blending, the hydraulic cold press juice process doesn't oxidize fruit and vegetables and it helps to keep the nutrients and fruit enzymes intact. In a blender, the blade cuts and grinds fruits and vegetables. The blender motor also heats the ingredients, so you need to chug it immediately after blending to get the nutrients that are left (just like you should eat fruits and vegetables immediately after they're cut or chopped for maximum nutritional benefit)


All fruit and vegetable juice found at the supermarket must be processed and treated to maintain a longer shelf-life as required by the Canadian Health Standards. Most commonly this is accomplished by adding preservatives and pasteurizing. Pasteurized juice is heated to a high temperature for a short time before it is sold. While this may sound fine, pasteurization kills the vital raw vitamins, enzymes and minerals making the juice nutritionally pointless.

A new "alternative" method to pasteurization, known as high pressure processing or HPP, is a method of preserving and sterilizing food. A company sends their fresh pressed juices out to a factory that submerges the bottles under water and bombards them with up to 90,000 lbs of pressure (HPP) and then ships the juices back to the juice manufacturer who then releases them into the wholesale distribution chain with an expiration date of twenty plus days later. Therefore, when you drink a HPP juice, you may be drinking a "fresh" juice that is 20+ days old. Keep in mind that companies which use HPP are able to promote their product as raw, organic and unpasteurized. To us, a processed product of any kind is NOT raw. If you are buying your juice at a grocery store or supermarket, there's no doubt that it has been processed by either pasteurization or HPP. The only way you can get 100% fresh, truly raw, unpasteurized & Non HPP product is to buy it from a juice bar that utilizes a cold-press juicer.

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